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Close Protection

Individual and Group Close Protection

Residential Security Teams (RSTs)

We have over the years worked for many high wealth individuals and corporate executives. Our Close Protection Officers have the depth of knowledge, operational experience and skills essential to develop tailored security solutions that address the threats in today's global environment.

We can provide Close Protection Officers for individuals or groups; we can also set up and manage Residential Security Teams. Hereford Security Services Ltd delivers a highly professional, discreet and flexible solution enabling you to achieve your objectives without harm, with full confidence and across the globe.

We welcome enquiries from government organisations such as the Probationary service, Social Benefits, Educational Authorities and Local Councils.

At anytime that you may feel vulnerable and need the use of a Close Protection Officer or a Close Protection Team whether that reason is through acts of terrorism at home or abroad, political instability internationally and civil unrest, we can provide global protection for an individual, a group, business people and the VIP.

Hereford Security Services Ltd's highly trained and self-motivated Close Protection Officers conduct themselves in a calm, discreet and professional manner to ensure that your normal way of life is unhindered allowing you to carry on with your business or leisure activities.

Our Close Protection Team are all either:

· Ex-Special Forces

· Ex-Police Special Branch

· Specialist Security Professionals

· All hold SIA Licences